Open Source Think Tank - Stuttgart 2012

Open Source CMS Systems the Next Big Trend

This is the second time that DotNetNuke has participated in the Open Source Think Tank.  By sponsoring and attending the event, we hope to contribute to and learn from the conversations at the event. We look forward to meeting other people who are building successful businesses with an open source business model.    The open source [...]

Open Source Think Tank - Stuttgart 2012

Capturing Open Source Innovation

As I’m preparing to head out to Napa Valley for Olliance Group’s Think Tank later this week I am realizing this will be the fourth such event SAP has participated in. Past Think Tank meetings have represented unique opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas. The setting allows participants to honestly talk about their experiences. It [...]

Open Source Think Tank - Stuttgart 2012

Open Source Super Communities: Everyone Benefits

Over the years I have attended Olliance Group’s Think Tank and have always been impressed by not only the participants but also the dynamic conversations that take place there. The goals of the Think Tank formats are great. You get to have directed conversations focused on highly relevant and timely issues, topics and trends. And [...]

Open Source Think Tank - Stuttgart 2012

Why Would Government Launch an Open Source EHR Community?

Last summer, the US Department of Veterans Affairs launched OSEHRA, the central governing body of a new open source software community focused on electronic health records. The community is growing rapidly, with more than 750 members from industry, government, and academia so far. VA has contributed its VistA EHR software, and many community members are engaged [...]

Open Source Think Tank - Stuttgart 2012

What Sets Open Source Think Tank Apart?

It’s almost time for the annual trek to the California Wine Country, known as the Open Source Think Tank. Open Source Think Tank, without a doubt, is one of the highlight events of every year for me, and one I really look forward to attending. Over the past few years, I’ve had a chance to [...]

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Success Factors for Open Source Adoption


In preparation for an upcoming webinar regarding best practices of using open source throughout the software lifecycle, I decided to look back on a webinar I presented in 2010, and realized that we have come a long way. Long ago, we stopped questioning if open source should be adapted into mission-critical systems, and rather talked about how best to use it. [...]

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The Advent of Super Communities

Open Source Think Tank - Stuttgart 2012

As I look around the FOSS ecosystem I’m beginning to see a trend towards something I call “super communities,” or “communities of communities” – essentially, these super communities are vertical industry-driven open source communities. The core driver for these groups is the recognition by certain industries that a substantial portion of the software they develop [...]

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Building the FOSS Community: Qualcomm’s Perspective

The importance of FOSS to the entire software industry is readily apparent to even the most casual observer. But using FOSS effectively in a company’s products requires much more than casual participation in the community that supports particular FOSS packages. Adopting FOSS carries with it the obligation to learn how the support community operates, and [...]

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